Being pregnant…

I’m in the midst of writing a post about food… It’s taking some time, probably because I’m still trying to work out what it is I’m trying to say!!

However, I just thought I’d post a quick note so I can look back and remember what I was feeling!!
I’m loving being pregnant!! 😀 I’m 19 weeks (21 to go…!) so nearly half way. It does seem to be taking forever, but I know in November I’ll look back and wonder where the time went!!

If it wasn’t for the pain, (which I won’t go into too much here…) it would be a doddle! I’ve had a bit of nausea, but nothing too dreadful, and yes I was worn out in the first 3 months… Plus the addition of worsening fatigue due to the sudden lack of meds, but overall, it’s not been tough at all… Now I know it’s going to get harder, and in another 19 weeks I might be thoroughly fed up with it all, but so far, so good!!

Bump is coming on nicely, some of that may be the food I’m so in love with mind you, but everybody I meet keeps telling me how tiny my bump is for 19 weeks, which makes me think that, despite my reduced activity over the last year due to my lack of meds and increased pain, perhaps my core musculature wasn’t as bad as I thought it was!!* I’ve always been pretty content with my body, the usual gripes everyone has, but overall I have liked myself, and I know I am lucky for that (plus grateful to my mum!), but at the moment as I see it changing, I love it even more!! What an amazing thing nature is!!

Anyhoo… The cricket highlights are on and it’s nearly bed time!!


* it certainly isn’t as good as it was, but the dog walking and cycling and general busyness at work must have maintained something!


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