Elimination diet… what have I been eating…??!

I first toyed with the idea of a diet change back in June in my blog Food Glorious Food, and then finally in September my blog A New Start with the Diet documented my starting process of a strict elimination diet… well, as I stated in the title of that blog, so far so good… I’m here now to provide a little update on how things have been going! I think you can probably tell I’m pretty pleased, I have posted 4 posts since starting the diet, and my mood, and the topics I talk about are far more positive! You can catch up with those here, here, here, and here!! (Isn’t ‘here’ one of those words that when it is written/said/read too many times in a row it just doesn’t look right anymore!!)

I have been keeping a really detailed (well I hope so/think it is) food diary, and I also did a pain chart of my pain on starting the diet back in August. I also started doing a little video diary… but I couldn’t keep that up for long (1- because I never had enough space on my phone or iPad, 2 – because seeing yourself doing a video diary is the most AWFUL experience in the world, perhaps second only to hearing your voice on a recording… I don’t know why that’s worse, but I seem to remember that I was more repulsed by that back when I had to do my French oral exam!!).

So, here it is for your viewing:

Where I started back in August.... :-(

Where I started back in August…. 😦

The details of absolutely EVERYTHING that has passed my lips since the 21st August (well with one or two days where I forgot to document, but they have been very few and far between!):

Food diary

I’d just like to say that the first few days where I hadn’t started the elimination diet, was not really a true representation of what I would have eaten were I say… at work, or not planning the elimination diet!! My excuse? I was starting an elimination diet!!! I might never eat a danish pastry again!! So I didn’t really hold back… mind you, despite eating lovely salads etc for lunch at work, there were always biscuits and delicious homemade bakes brought in by colleagues, so where I would give nourishment with one hand, I expect I took away any benefit by stuffing my face with lovely cakes!!! Not any more!

My pain chart as of today:

A much happier pain chart androgynous being!! And a much happier Nina to boot!

A much happier pain chart androgynous being!! And a much happier Nina to boot!

Now.. I have photos of my hands from back in maybe May/June time, and some I took yesterday… I don’t know how easy to spot the difference it is… But I can 100% assure you that they FEEL very very different! I’ll stick them in anyway and you can see if you can tell… if not, you’ll just have to take my word for it, and the fact that I ran with the dogs on their walk yesterday… and I’m going out with them again in about 30 minutes… because I am not crippled in pain!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!!

Left Hand May/June 2014

Left Hand May/June 2014

Left Hand October 2014

Left Hand October 2014

Right Hand May/June 2014

Right Hand May/June 2014

Right Hand October 2014

Right Hand October 2014

Wow… I usually only look at these on my phone, and I thought it was difficult to see a difference… but I’ve just seen them on my computer screen… It has surprised even me!!

I just wish I’d taken photos of all my swollen joints… It would have helped me remember… instead this is all I have… And I hope never to see that much inflammation in my body again!! I know I’ll have flares, I’m sure… but I will not let myself ever get to this again!!! A corner has been turned.


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  1. Brooke
    Oct 05, 2014 @ 10:24:58

    Fantastic to read that your new eating plan is helping so much. It’s amazing how much of an impact what you eat has on your body, the quote; let good be thy medicine is so true. I made major changes to my diet abut 3 months ago I am loosely following the paddison program but am unable to do it properly as I am breastfeeding. Apart from my RA pain (which is getting less and less) I have have never felt better even with 2 young children I have heaps of energy and just feel fantastic. One thing I haves found which has helped enormously is yoga sometimes after a class I can nearly make a fist without pain which is huge for me as my main problem currently is my hands! I go to classes and also have an app I use at home for when I can’t get to a class. Anyway I have enjoyed reading your posts & congratulations on your pregnancy, such an exciting time 🙂


    • minximina
      Oct 05, 2014 @ 10:40:26

      Thanks!! I’m dying to get back into yoga as soon as I can! I love it too! Think I’ll definitely need to find a good app for times when I can’t make a class too… Good idea! In the past I’ve just tried to remember certain flows… But that makes me think too much so I tend to lose the relaxation aspect!

      Changing my diet has absolutely changed my life for the better!! Great to hear it’s the same for you too! It’s amazing… It’s just such a shame that there is so much processed food that is so accessible out there for everyone!
      What have you been unable to change due to breast feeding? I’m hoping to breast feed too!


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  3. Brooke
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 02:14:07

    Hi Nina, the app I use is called yoga studio I really like it think it cost around $4.00 (aus $) for the iPad best I have found.

    My hubby is eating the same as me and has never felt better we basically eat a vegan/plant based diet but I also avoid the night shade veggies & gluten. With the paddison program to do it property the first 3 or so weeks it is a very restrictive diet and you gradually reintroduce foods, so it’s not really suitable to be on such a limited diet when pregnant or breastfeeding & I wanted to make sure I made the best milk possible for my little one 🙂 Once I finish feeding I plan to then do the program properly and work out exactly what triggers my RA, but until then I know I’m on the way to healing my gut and doing some good ground work so the the next part should be easier! Well that’s my plan anyway, ha ha. All the best Brooke


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