Increased knowledge leads to so many more questions!! I guess I’ll just keep reading!!

I have always been interested in health… And my understanding of health and how to be healthy has evolved over time… More recently it has evolved exponentially in my personal attempt to manage my RA naturally. It is a brilliant and enlightening journey, and I wonder how I would be managing presently, had I not changed my diet so drastically back in august (see this previous post).

This new journey I am on has made me very aware of so many things that could be affecting my health… But unfortunately this knowledge adds to one aspect that greatly affect my health… Stress!!!

I know that stress is a huge precursor of all ill’s! Put in a very poignant post here by the Paleo Mom.
And now I’m not at work, my stress levels are vastly reduced! But I have ‘that’ type of personality! If I’m going to do something I want to do it perfectly (but this is unsustainable and leads to stress!) if I’m going somewhere I CAN NOT be late (although, weirdly I often am (only minutes, not really late) but I stress and get very grumpy at the same time!)… So I am constantly trying to battle daily chronic stressors.

So where is this leading? Well, now, it’s not just me is it? Now, I have a beautiful baby boy to look after and set up for life… And of course in my mind I must do absolutely everything to ensure that I facilitate his healthful growth perfectly!!

This means that in my head I am constantly worrying about these many external ‘things’ that can be and are detrimental to health…. EMF, Plastics, heavy metal exposure, diet, vaccinations and so on…..

EMF, electro-magnetic fields… There’s lots to be said on this topic, and some very clever people know some very clever stuff and write about it lots… But to summarise see this blog post by Phil…. And this pod cast touches on it about 20 minutes before the end. How can that not make you worry about your child?! (Even just re-reading Phil’s post now has made my tummy flip)…And the worst thing is? EMF’s are everywhere… So even if I turn off all our devices and wifi router, next doors is still there, and so are all the devices at work, in hospitals, in every building we walk past… So how much of a difference is me turning off my devices?? And how realistic is it? They can be off, but not all the time, else I wouldn’t have bought the thing. So they will still be on, and as Seb is always near me, so therefore, he is near these wifi devices working away…. And lastly, I’ve used them most of my adult life…. So the damage is done, and it may not show in Seb, but what about his children… It will effect that far down the generations. Of course I’ll do what I can, but i can’t control the external factors, so I am working on trying to NOT worry about this health hazard… And breath!

Plastics… So now there’s BPA free, but what else is in plastic that we don’t yet know about that could be making us ill… That will be the next ‘X’ free product? The answer? Don’t use plastic….! Ok, I can work with that, but it takes time to transition. Yes I could bin all my plastic storage containers, and replace with glass/Perspex/steel… But there’s a cost implication here, and yes I’m a perfectionist, but I’m also… Let’s not say tight, but frugal. So, I have stopped heating up anything in plastic, it always gets put into a pan and warmed on the hob… But still Sebs bottles (I’m breast feeding, but he does take some expressed milk from a bottle so family can help out with care if needed) are plastic (and BPA free) and there’s no getting around that.

Heavy metal exposure – from all sorts, but the main thing that has been worrying me is water… To filter or not to filter, to filter drinking water, or to filter ALL household water?

Vaccinations – so much conflicting information! Here’s a pod cast from this past week by Paleo Baby that looks at all the evidence that’s out there… He’s had his first set, I don’t feel informed enough to defy medical advice, and I had my vaccinations (although now have an autoimmune condition) and his dad had his vaccinations (although he got all the illnesses vaccinated against!!)… So what should I do… or have done? I guess I’ll keep reading, feel guilty, then work on telling myself that there is no point feeling guilty, I’m only doing my best… and maybe I’ll feel better informed to make a decision I’m confident about for the next one!!

Diet – when seb eats with us I will ensure he eats the best food he can. But what about when he’s at nursery, grandma’s, school…. Arrgghh!!

So what do I do?? I guess I just do my best, limit the ‘bad’ stuff as much as I can, and know that I have done everything in my power to love and protect Seb as well as I can. The added stress I put on myself probably isn’t doing either of us very much good…

So we’ll limit wifi/mobile devices, we’ll eat well, go outdoors often and play lots… And hopefully instil a healthy life and attitude in my beautiful boy to live a long and happy life!


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