Always on the go!! 

Struggling to find time to check in with you guys!! Life is so busy!! And that is SUCH a great thing!! I’m busy, because I can be!! 
I am feeling great! Still not 100%… But I am getting there bit by bit everyday!! It’s so amazing to see how much better I am compared to 2 months ago!! In yoga this week i crouched down onto my haunches… Probably for the first time in over a year (I was on meds then too!!)… Today I took a brisk undulating walk with my baby on my back… 

I’m gradually building muscle, whilst maintaining a healthy 9 stone… My yoga teacher even commented on how much better I look (and perform)!  

Life is great!! Long may these improvements continue!! My right wrist is my next target… I can’t extend my fingers and my wrist at the same time 😦 so waving is pretty difficult… 
Keeping finges crossed!! Hope you are all feeling good and making your way to recovery!! Nx


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