Progression Continues 

I know I start every post with ‘blimey, it’s been a while!!’ But it really has!! And time just keeps ticking by!! 
It was RA awareness  last week, and apart from changing my cover photo on Facebook, I have done very little by way of raising awareness. But I think next year I will do my best to be more prepared and do something more creative!! 
Life is very full at the moment with lovely groups and enjoying the summer weather with Seb!! He’s growing fast, and I’m just very grateful that he is a typical boy, and choosing not to move much!! 😀 he did roll over yesterday… But hasn’t bothered to do it again!! And standing… Bless him. No interest!! But he is one heavy bugger, so I don’t blame him really!! When he does start moving, and building up some muscles he’s going to be one strong little power house!! 
My reading around nutrition continues, and still fascinates me!! And I am now becoming a fermentation queen, with sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, coconut milk kefir and a ginger bug all on the go. Individually they are so easy… But with a 7.5 month old and all of them together… It is a lot of organisation!! But well worth it!! Since adding a probiotic supplement and increasing my intake of fermented foods and drinks I have definitely seen an improvement in my health again!! 
Really, I am pain free (sleep and stress are my biggest triggers at the moment, so as Seb is poorly at the moment, I am waking with some aches and fatigue…. But it goes within say, 10 mins??!), my joint range of movement is gradually improving (I can now crouch fully (and get back up!!), and even kneel on hard wood floors!!), I’m regaining some muscle definition in my wasted legs (hooray!), and I must be getting stronger as my daily weight lifting session (carrying a 20lb Seb around) is gradually getting heavier with very little ill effects!! My only complaint is my right wrist… I have a superficial swelling on the dorsal aspect of my right wrist that has been there since January… It inhibits active, combined wrist and finger extension… I can’t tell if it’s effusion under the extensor retinaculum impinging on the tendons, if it’s carpal joint effusion again impinging the tendons or if there’s a tendon problem… Or even a subluxed carpus. I asked for an USS guided injection at my rheumy clinic, but the declined the USS, saying it will be easy to inject… I’m going for it on 6th July, I’d prefer they know what they are injecting… But to be honest the lack of extension at my wrist is driving me so mad that I am just accepting the offer of an injection and hoping for the best!! 
I’ve been back to the student nutritionist, not much change to my protocol really, but I am now getting a stool analysis, mag RBC and HTMA done to look into why I’m still getting some niggly symptoms (right wrist mainly, my CRP is still slightly raised and some degree of anxiety and fatigue). Hoping it shows up a few more things to work on to finally get me back as well as I can be in time for my return to work!! Can’t believe I only have 3 months lefts!!
I have started weaning little Seb. We’ve gone down the baby led weaning, which is great fun and very messy!! He isn’t a natural at chewing and swallowing… But he’ll get there!! It’s been so much fun I’ve started a Facebook group called paleo/primal baby led weaning, and it seems to be going quite well. Come and join us if you fancy? 
And finally, I got a new job today (still on maternity leave until October), as a Specialist Rheumatology Physio… So hopefully once I get my foot in the door I can start spreading the work about beneficial lifestyle changes to hopefully help my patients!! 


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