Busy busy!! 

‘Busy busy’ is the phrase Andrew and I use for Seb’s constant ‘on the go’ attitude!!! 

Can you believe he is 14 months old!! A lot has happened since I last wrote… And I am trying to get back into the habit of writing…. But my my it is hard!! 

I’m back in work full time, I have a ‘busy busy’ 14 month old little boy… Who took his first steps yesterday!! My RA is flaring intermittently, and I am desperately trying to get some exercise in (this bit has been very tricky… But new year, new beginnings and all that!!).

I am trying to put together a bit of a plan to get you up to date with the last year in short bursts, as I just don’t have the time these days to write pages and pages… Currently as we speak I am in work, expressing breast milk for Seb, trying to get some signal in this hospital!!! 

Right… Lunch time, and time to get some fresh air and a bit of natural light!!! Hopefully see you soon! 


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