Shoes glorious shoes…. flats, kitten heels and stilettos!


So, does anyone else have a real problem with shoes?! I love shoes! I hate shopping, I’ve never been that bothered by clothes or bags, but I do love shoes.

I like flat shoes and I like high shoes, but I really really don’t like uncomfortable shoes. And this is where the problem lies… Most shoes, especially pretty shoes are uncomfortable (after a while), combine that with feet that are uncomfortable, and you get… unbearably painful feet that make looking nice in pretty shoes very very difficult!

I can remember the last time I wore high heels, my friend’s hen do… It was this May bank holiday last year, at York Races! The weather was a bit different!! Here are the shoes:

My beautiful shoes on my already swollen feet!

My beautiful shoes on my already swollen feet!



And here are the girls and I (shoes cut off!):


That’s me at the front in the cream dress


I took a pair of flip flops in my handbag as I knew it was a pipe dream to think I might be able to stay in them all night!! And by the time we left the races to head into town, the flip flops were on…. Now I must say, I was a bit smug, as everyone else had sore feet, but the difference is, they could just keep going, there was absolutely no way on this earth that I could have continued in my shoes, but I knew that would be the case, and I had planned for it. From then on however, wearing high shoes has been impossible.

There could be two reasons for this, May was the month I stopped taking my Methotrexate, over the next 5-6 months I noticed a gradual increase of pain and swelling, so it could have been a coincidence that the May bank holiday in York was the last time I was pain free enough to wear high shoes.

The second reason is that I developed a very inflamed second MTP (Metatarsal-phalangeal) Joint with associated bursitis (swollen ‘sac’ of fluid within an anatomical space – we have bursa everywhere, but the main ones that tend to bother people are the ones on our hip – trochanteric bursitis, and in our shoulders – subacromial bursitis). This, thank fully got addressed as soon as I brought it up with my rheumatologist, they arranged an ultrasound guided cortico-steroid injection which helped enormously, but I think the impact of stopping my medication had already taken its toll, and although it meant I was now able to walk around at work without ‘hobbling’, it didn’t quite make high heels ok!!

So now I just keep my eyes out for lovely flat shoes… but these too have problems. The problems with flat shoes aren’t as obvious as with high heels, but are more numerous!!

Flat shoes can’t be too flat!! Flat shoes soles can’t be too thin or too hard! Flat shoes don’t have enough support – at the ankles, at the heel, at the arch!! It’s a mine field!!

The best, most comfortable shoes I own…? Trainers of course! But who looks pretty at a wedding in a pair of trainers!? I’ve done it at a university ball, but my dress was more than floor length, and the party went on until 10am the next day, so endurance was the key for everyone!! Not just me!!

Now I know that there are companies that make very comfortable shoes, and yes, they have started branching out into more ‘fashionable’ styles, but really… here are a few snap shots of the shoes that come up when you Google women’s comfortable shoes:

comfy shoe comfy shoe 7 comfy shoe 6 comfy shoe 5 comfy shoe 3


I know, I Know…. There probably are nicer shoes out there, in fact I know there are. Such as:

comfy shoes 12 Comfy shoes 11 Comfy shoes 10 Comfy shoes 9 Comfy shoes 8








But… they just don’t cut it with a pretty dress!! Well, not with my legs anyway… but that’s a different story!

So my question is… why is it so difficult to make gorgeous shoes with soft, spongy, contoured soles, with appropriate straps (Either good flip flop style (as I have yet to find an ill-fitting pair of Havaianas), or round the ankle support/straps) that make your feet and legs look gorgeous, and don’t feel like they are stabbing pins into your feet??

Surely it can’t be that hard? I’m not asking for miracles, I’m not asking for comfy stilettos, just some supportive shoes that haven’t been made for the over 50’s?!

I’ve wondered this for years… So does anyone out there have any tips on where to get these magical shoes that must exist… it is 2014!